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PT Migas Prima Nauli is a company engaged in the business of trading fuel oil (BBM) and non-fuel retail trading. Our company cooperates with Pertamina to provide optimal service to the community.

The icons contained in the PT Migas Prima Nauli logo are two curved red and blue lines that rise upwards, where the red color symbolizes the trade in fuel oil (BBM) and the blue color symbolizes the non-fuel retail trade. . This is used, because this company is engaged in the empowerment of natural resources that are used as energy. The embers of fire philosophy illustrates our spirit to always provide the best for the people and nation of Indonesia.

Why Choose Us?

Best Quality

PASTI PAS! Is a slogan from Pertamina that reflects our gas stations are certified and according to Pertamina standards which have been proven to provide the best service to meet the needs of the community.


3S, namely Salam - Senyum - Sapa is what we do to serve consumers. We ensure that the process of refueling starts from zero and we always ensure that what consumers get is according to PASTI PAS standards


In accordance with Pertamina's standards, we provide the supply of fuel oil (BBM) from Pertalite to Pertamina Dex. In addition, we also provide to meet the needs of the community, namely LPG gas from 3 kg to 12 kg and lubricants (Oli) produced by Pertamina.


We provide integrated gas station facilities for the community such as ATM Centers, Mosques, Toilets, Nitrogen Filling and other Retail Rooms.

Contact us

PT Migas Prima Nauli
Jl. Raya Serpong Gunung Sindur
Kp. Prumpung RT 03/01 No. 63. Kel. Gunung Sindur
Kel. Gunung Sindur, Kab. Bogor 16340.

Hotline Center : 0813 1431 0930
Email : [email protected]

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